University Pathways

The Diploma of Screen and Media (CUA51015) and the Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media (CUA60615) offer its graduates pathways into further studies or training programmes.

Listed below are current agreements with Education Providers for further studies. These pathways allow graduates to gain entry into a course and/or credit points (Advanced Standing) towards their studies. Numerous graduates have entered into other vocational  studies, University Bachelor or Masters Degrees.


Advanced Standing into second year in The University of Sydney, Sydney College of the Arts, Bachelor of Visual Arts In Screen:

Applicants from Sydney Film School are eligible for advanced standing into the second year of the Bachelor of Visual Arts, in Screen on the basis of the successful completion of the Sydney Film School Diploma of Screen and Media (CUA51015), inclusive of the Thesis Project or Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media (CUA60615).

Normal Sydney College of the Arts admission requirements regarding portfolios and interviews still apply. 

Pathway into the WA Screen Academy at the Edith Cowan University, Western Australia:
The WA Screen Academy offers one of Australia’s most outstanding advanced-level training programs in screen production. Operating in a unique partnership with the renowned WA Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) the Screen Academy benefits from close collaboration with this vibrant community of actors, production and design students and composers.

The WA Screen Academy fosters the highest levels of creative inquiry, intellectual rigor and craft excellence in a supportive and exciting environment. It is dedicated to incubating the individuals and teams who will become the next generation of filmmakers.

To go to the WA Screen Academy page and download their interactive brochure click here

Eligibility of Sydney Film School Graduates:
On completion of the Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media (CUA60615) applicants from Sydney Film School will be eligible for up to 180 credit points advanced standing into the Bachelor of Creative Industries, major in Screen Studies or Film and Video. Students who elect to choose any other unit set from this ECU course may not be entitled to the full advanced standing.

Sydney Film School graduates who hold a previous Bachelor's degree in any discipline will be eligible to apply for entry into the WA Screen Academy Master of Professional Communications (Screen Studies I08). Sydney Film School students are required to meet ECU entry requirements and Screen Studies' selection criteria


Sydney Film School (SFS) and ESEC Exchange:
ESEC Film School in Paris offers an exciting exchange for either a period of six months, a place in the ESEC Film documentary Section, or for a period of four months, a place in the Director's Section.

Sydney Film School Students must have completed their Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media (CUA60615) to apply for the exchange.

SFS Graduates wishing to apply must meet the ESEC selection criteria. The graduate must meet the level of proficiency in the French Language. The Exchange graduate may additionally, at the end of an internship with ESEC, obtain an official degree from ESEC, which is equivalent to a Bachelor of Fine Arts. No tuition fees will be charged for the agreed period of study.

The SFS graduate is responsible for travel and living costs. Wherever possible, SFS and ESEC will assist the SFS graduate in finding accommodation, orientation and welfare services.  The SFS graduate is responsible for their study visa application.