Diploma of Screen and Media CUA51015

One year full time - two semesters of 20 weeks each

The Diploma of Screen and Media (CUA51015) is a one year practical, hands-on introductory course, where students experience every aspect of filmmaking.

Students work across a slate of drama and documentary films under industry conditions.

In this real world production environment students learn storytelling, craft and technical skills from passionate, industry-qualified trainers.

The School supplies all the essential equipment and a budget for your film projects. 

We believe deadlines and audiences are of vital importance, so every drama and documentary is carried to completion and is screened at the prestigious Sydney Film School Festival.

It is possible to undertake the Diploma part-time over two years. However, due to the immersive nature of the course we recommend full-time study.

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Semester One

(average 20 hours per week)
All our classes support the major film productions, covering the essential aspects of filmmaking. From the very first day students are involved in;

Pre-production; research, writing, pitching, casting, crewing, scheduling, production management, rehearsal and design through to

Production; locations, set building, blocking, directing actors, lighting, filming, recording and then on to

Post-production; editing, music, sound design, mixing, copyright and distribution.

These practical aspects of the course are supported with classes in Screen Language, Specialist Workshops, Elective Specialisations and 'Meet the Filmmaker' with special guest screenings and discussions.

The school supplies all the equipment and budgets for the projects.

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Semester Two

(average 20 hours per week)
After completing Semester One, students have the opportunity to explore further aspects of filmmaking with longer specialist workshops. Each student also makes their own 'Thesis Film', supported to find their individual creative voice. Through our practical focus we help students master skills under real production conditions that will give them the confidence to find a place in this industry.

The school supplies all the equipment and budgets for the projects.

Every film and documentary from Semesters One and Two are taken through to final completion and is publicly screened at the end of semester Sydney Film School Festival at a major Sydney Cinema. It is our belief that deadlines and audiences are of vital importance.

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